Today's Work: Richmond Cycling Corps

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There are so many amazing things happening in Richmond.  One of the best parts of being a consultant is getting to work with people that are making real changes in our city.  Today I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite clients, Craig Dodson - Founder and Executive Director of Richmond Cycling Corps.    In case you don't know about RCC here they are describing themselves in their own words: 

 "Our purpose is to change the lives of youth who live in Richmond's public housing projects. We use cycling as our platform for change. We infuse ourselves; our passion, our values, our creativity, our drive, and our dedication into the lives of our youth. We have fun. We laugh. We teach. We learn. We promise our youth, that if they stay with Richmond Cycling Corps, they will get out of public housing. We will never break our promise."


Richmond Bicycle Studio - one earned revenue arm of RCC. 

Richmond Bicycle Studio - one earned revenue arm of RCC. 

I am working on a 12 month project with RCC that I call Adventures with Craig.  Once a month the two of us sit down and walk through the challenges and difficulties running a nonprofit.  RCC has an amazing social enterprise model and is on the cutting edge of a new wave of entrepreneurial nonprofits.  Over the last few months we have worked on financial models, human resources, program planning, and board development.  RCC made a bold move in seeking guidance on nonprofit management to help create the optimal environment to grow and position themselves to help more kids. Want to read more about RCC, check out this blog post that Craig published about a program participant that biked 100 miles a few weeks ago. Did you get goosebumps? Make a donation by clicking here. 

So, what did you do today to make the world a better place?