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Welcome to a fun place. A place where we leave silos and titles at the door.

We welcome all women working for nonprofits and with social good enterprises to join us for conversation, networking, and whatever goodwill comes out of us.  

 It is fun, like a rollercoaster without the scary part.

It is fun, like a rollercoaster without the scary part.

What we do? 

Lunch, every two months.  

Happy Hours, every two months.

When is the next meeting?

First Wednesday of next month
Sign Up here. 

Where does it meet? 

We move around to different locations in and around Richmond.

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Who thought of this idea? 

Probably all of us from time to time, but this version was hatched after a twitter conversation between three local women wanting to have a networking group specifically for women who worked on all sides of social good. We are nonprofit workers, volunteers, consultants, board members and association employees.  What we have in common is a desire to connect with less limits. If you would like to volunteer to help with this new initiative, please reach out to one of us. Visit us on linked in or twitter to follow along. 

Kristin Jimison @kjimison
Sarah Milston @sarahmilston
Liz Pearce @LPearce11