Below, please find JFS's DRAFT three-year Strategic Plan.


The Strategic Planning Team, with help from The Spark Mill, developed the following goals and strategies, based on data and input from staff, key stakeholders, and the board.  

We welcome your feedback at this point in the process.

Once a final plan is approved by the JFS Board, we will work with the staff to develop tactics and action steps that fold under each strategy.

Please fill out the form at the end of the page to submit anonymous or named feedback that we can consider. Feedback will be accepted until noon, Monday, May 28.


1. EMBRACE NEEDS:  Embrace basic needs within the Jewish Community

1.1. Define basic needs in the Jewish community

1.2. Engage the Jewish community and leaders to determine basic needs

1.3. Develop funding mechanisms for meeting basic needs

1.4. Create strategic partnerships around meeting basic needs in the Jewish community

2. EXPAND STRENGTH:  Scale Care Management and Home Care programming

2.1. Assess current programs to determine areas of strength, need, and service gaps

2.2. Identify opportunities for service expansion within Care Management

2.3. Identify opportunities for service expansion within Home Care

2.4. Evaluate identified opportunities for the best organizational fit

2.5. Design a plan to implement new services

3. ENGAGE GROWTH:  Grow our service to the community by adding new self-sustaining  programs

3.1 .Identify self-sustaining, mission-aligned opportunities for expanded services

3.2. Determine which identified opportunities are the best fit for JFS

3.3. Develop a launch strategy for selected opportunities

3.4. Cultivate strategic partnerships around new services

3.5. Leverage existing client-base and community partnerships to roll out new services

4. EXPRESS PURPOSE: Fortify JFS’s position in the community by fully building out the brand

4.1. Build marketing capacity within JFS

4.2. Create a marketing strategy plan

4.3. Engage staff, board, and volunteers with marketing, brand, and identity message

5. ENHANCE INFRASTRUCTURE: Strengthen infrastructure to accommodate growth

5.1. Increase board engagement through board development training and non-profit board best practices

5.2. Strengthen our volunteer recruitment, training, and empowering processes

5.3. Invest in staff through education, training, and credentialing

5.4. Grow finance department capacity and systems

5.5. Assess and improve technology across the organization

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