Below, please find the DRAFT Strategic Overview for Honoring Choices Virginia. This is the result of our strategic planning process Over the last several months. We welcome your feedback at this point in the process. Following this step in the process, we will begin developing tactics and action steps that fold under each strategy.

Please fill out the form at the end of the page to submit anonymous or named feedback that we can consider. Feedback will be accepted until noon, Friday, February 2.


OUR VISION: Every person in Virginia has access to quality advance care planning that is honored in the delivery of care

OUR MISSION: Mobilize communities, convene groups, and train & engage health care professionals to encourage and implement thoughtful advance care planning


* Ensure individuals have equitable access to education and resources about advance care planning
* Encourage medical professionals to value advance care planning and honor patients’ goals of care


1. Develop and implement an advance care planning education strategy designed to meet the needs of a variety of audiences

  1. Conduct an internal audit to identify key audiences, existing resources, and anticipated needs
  2. Develop a prioritization schedule and identify funding sources for development or adoption of new resources
  3. Develop or acquire those new resources and implement them in the Richmond region
  4. Measure audience specific outcomes and re-assess needs.

2. Increase engagement, programming, and education in the Richmond region

  1. Develop community provider engagement strategy
  2. Strengthen relationships with local and regional health systems
  3. Broaden engagement of vulnerable populations
  4. Through partnership and/or expansion of programming, incorporate targeted strategies that address evolving advance care planning needs over the course of an individual’s lifetime
  5. Routinely assess community needs

3. Engage in statewide advocacy to support broader policy changes around advance care planning

  1. Form statewide advance care planning coalition
  2. Develop and share an annual policy agenda
  3. Raise profile of advance care planning within public health

4. Develop internal capacities and adopt non-profit best practices

  1. Determine the best organizational structure for Honoring Choices
  2. Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Board
  3. Develop an annual fundraising plan that generates new sources of funding
  4. Review staff capacity to ensure adequate staffing to fulfill the mission and strategic goals
  5. Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote Honoring Choices’ value and work in advance care planning

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