Organizational assessments. Stakeholder interviews. Focus groups. Analysis. Content audits. Board effectiveness. Development reviews.

 This is where we help you think about things. 


The first step in a project is to think about things. This involves talking to people, asking lots of questions, drawing out a process that feels right, just for you.  We don't believe in boiler plates but we are inspired by a process. We take what the book says and match it with our gut to help you think about the right things. 

Whether you are trying to get legs around your start-up, contemplating a big change, looking to figure out where to go next, or simply need some tactical guidance, we can help. 

Plan. Getting from point A to point B. 

Strategic plans. Operational plans. A Branding change. Development plans.
Transformation and plans for big changes.
Logistical or radical, we help you create plans that are innovative and pragmatic. 

Plans come in all shapes and sizes. We strongly believe that defining the kind of plan is the first step in the process.  Moreover, the process of involving people and seeing consensus is the most important part of planning. 

Change can be hard, but it doesn't have to be.  


Act. Putting it into motion. 

 Short and Long term implementation coaching. Facilitation of groups and boards. Committee coaching. Business unit improvement. Board Retreats. Special Event design. Graphic Design

We are good at getting things done and designing continual processes so you can do it yourself.  We guide people to take on new projects. We design thoughtful and purposeful events. We work with boards and groups to inspire them to get it done. And, we have fun while doing all of it.

A plan is useless if you don't address how you will implement it, let us help.