Below, please find Goochland Cares' DRAFT three-year strategic plan.


The Goochland Cares Strategic Planning Team, with help from The Spark Mill, developed the following strategic priorities, based on data and input from staff, key stakeholders, and the board.    Below each priority are specific strategies to live into the priority.


Once a final plan is approved by the Goochland Cares board, we will work with the staff to develop tactics and action steps that fold under each strategy.

Please fill out the form at the end of the page to submit anonymous or named feedback that we can consider. Feedback will be accepted until noon, Tuesday, April 13.


We will offer client-centered care for Goochland residents through four strategic priorities:

1.     Mission and value driven

1.1.  Provide client-centered care.

1.2.  Deliver quality services to all stakeholders.

1.3.  Ensure that all programs, practices, staff and volunteers are mission-focused.


2.     Enhanced access

2.1.  Ensure programs and practices optimize access for current and prospective clients.

2.2.  Address unmet community needs as aligned with our mission.

2.3.  Develop and maintain partnerships that increase access to services and resources.


3.     Organizational strength

Human Resources

3.1.  Invest in staff and volunteer skills, tools, and resources needed to achieve our goals.

3.2.  Develop succession plan for executive/ management staff and board leadership positions.

3.3.  Leverage volunteer skills and time to support operations.

Financial Health

3.4.  Develop an annual development strategy that fully supports operations.

3.5.  Strengthen systems for financial stewardship and accountability.

Data Driven Culture

3.6.  Continually monitor current programs to evaluate program effectiveness. 

3.7.  Continually monitor data to evaluate mission impact

3.8.  Leverage community data to identify unmet needs

Board Leadership

3.9.  Enhance board development and engagement to meet our goals.

3.10. Evaluate board’s governance approach


4.     Community Awareness/Advocacy

4.1.  Update the community outreach plan.

4.2.  Advocate with local, state and national entities regarding policy implications impacting target population.

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