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Social Media Strategies and Giving Day Solutions

Offered by: Academy for Nonprofit Excellence

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First Five Hours: Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies is designed for professionals who know how to use the most popular tools (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and are looking to increase their fan engagement. The class focuses on three major areas:

1. Emerging Trends and Tools. This will cover what is on the horizon, the latest news and laws around social media, and the best new apps and tools.
2. Strategy. Using research, we will focus on creating great content and timing it for the greatest impact.
3. Measurement. Using information from Beth Kanter's book Measuring the Networked Nonprofit, we will dive into measurement techniques.

In addition, throughout the one-day class we will take breaks to workshop problems submitted prior to the class.  

Last Two Hours : Social Media Tools for Giving Days

With GIVE757 approaching, it is essential for area nonprofits to learn how to maximize online giving through best practices in the days and hours leading up to the giving day.  Join ANE and Sarah Milston, founder of The Spark Mill, LLC to learn how to use the giving day momentum to catapult gifts received through effective online communications.  This session will dive into the minute details of how to streamline your messaging while using three main popular mediums, including: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  The session will include tips on:

  • Specific keywords and hashtags to use to lock in the attention of your viewers
  • The kinds of images and/or short videos to include in your posts in order to engage your audience
  • How to supply the right amount of information (in terms of frequency and length of posts) without overwhelming followers
  • The most effective way to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in conjunction with one another
  • How to create social media ambassadors and encourage people to share your messages for you

The session will also provide tips on how to effectively utilize staff, volunteer and board support leading up to and during the giving day.  Participants will walk away with a completed planning worksheet to best prepare them for the 24-hour giving day.