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Your church or faith organization deserves good consulting. You deserve a guide to help you dream about the future and create a concrete plan to fulfill your dreams and God's call.

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Project examples

Strategic Planning
Council Retreats
Stewardship & Fundraising
Custom Trainings



Providence UMC
Pace Center for Campus and Community Ministry - VCU
Shalom Farms
Antioch United Methodist Church
Shalom House, Catholic Diocese of Virginia
Alamo Recovery Center
Massanetta Springs Camp and Conference Center
The Health Wagon

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Read about our current and past faith community clients and their unique challenges or get advice from our strategic planning consultants on how to know if you are ready for strategic planning. 

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Our team came and gave an entire Saturday because they were expected to. But they participated and were invested all day long because of our facilitator’s engaging and upbeat approach. We went from apprehensive about our immediate future to excited about the long term possibilities in just 5 hours!
— -Anitoch United Methodist Church Strategic Planning Participant