Feedback as a Vital Tool in Innovation and Planning

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We are in the middle of several feedback loops for change management and strategic planning projects. For some clients, this is an important part of their core values. For others, it is an essential tool in building consensus. Regardless, amazing things happen when you ask for people's opinions.

1. Consensus: You are able to slowly build consensus - especially if you practice iterative feedback loops seeking tweaks and input throughout the process.
2. Clarity: People highlight places where you lack clarity. You are often so close to the plan you are unable to see where you have lost the intention of your words. 
3. Dream: Your ideas might spark amazing dreams from your stakeholders that you hadn't even considered!

Feedback loops are an essential part of a planning process that is rooted in good community engagement practices, a ground up approach to engage clients and customers in the design of your vision or product. Whether you gather feedback via a website, in person meetings, or focus groups - the key is to ask and be very open to feedback. You will be better off for it.