Powering Good - Saying Thank You to #RVA's Volunteers


from your friends at The Spark Mill and HandsOn Greater Richmond


We asked the metro Richmond area to tell us about someone they know that Powers Good around town, and they sure did! Over the past month we have received the names of over 70 people that are making a difference in our community, along with some lovely things people had to say about them.  So, if you know any of these awesome people - tell them THANKS!  If you are thinking, "so and so should have been on this list" then send them a note or give them a call this week and thank them for making the world better!

Alexandra Hoffman - She brings contagious energy and cheerfulness, and supports her friends when asked to help

Allison Held - An amazing advocate for the Richmond community sharing her skills to benefit those in need.

Amber Ellis - Amber is dedicated to providing a warm, loving environment for foster cats while they wait for their forever home.

Anne-Marie Johnson Leake - Most recently she was at the forefront of the movement to change the name of Byrd Middle School!

Ashleigh Friedman - Ashleigh Friedman is a talented attorney who uses her skills to benefit trafficking survivors seeking immigration relief.

Becky Massey - She wears many hats in support of our organization, she offers true compassion and caring to every employee and patient.

Bradley Nemitz - Bradley is a dedicated, consistent, kind presence for our kids. Our kids always ask to go rock climbing with him.

Bromby Earle - A supportive and welcoming volunteer that brings kindness to every interaction.

Caitlin Hanbury - Caitlin leads the advancement of young nonprofit professionals in our community through learning and professional development

Cameron Jackson - Cameron is so consistent. He shares his love and vast knowledge of Richmond history with our students everywhere we go.

Carolyn Clay - Assisting the public by providing free veterinary care to the sick and injured wildlife they rescue.

Casaundra Maimone - She shares her bright personality, adorable dog, and considerable skill to benefit our patients.

Catherine Lukhard - As chair of the Project Captain committee of HandsOn Day in 2015, her skill and ease in training, sense of humor, and attention to detail, all while being unflappable, made the event run so much more smoothly.

Cely Coleman - A caring and supportive advocate and dedicated volunteer willing to share her skills to help our patients!

Chelsea Grandolfo - Chelsea is an amazing volunteer for our organization. She spends her volunteer time entering important program data and creating new reporting systems to name a few. She is always up for a new project and her enthusiasm for volunteering is infectious. Because of Chelsea's hard work, we are able to show our program impact which in turn increases funding to help us serve more people. Thank you Chelsea!

Cole Herring - He volunteers 5 days per week to help the mission of affordable housing because he would rather volunteer than stay at home.

Crista Whitman - Shares her considerable skills and compassion to help patients in real need.

Danny Bottoms - Always ready to work, incredible sense of humor, constantly giving! Danny is a powerhouse and we are lucky to have him.

Dave Erb - Dave uses his great technical skills and Mac knowledge to help local nonprofits like ART 180 do even more good!

Dave Zaras - Dave shares his technical expertise and hands-on skills every time he can to build capacity at local charities.

David Miller - A dedicated volunteer with a truly infectious smile and caring nature.

Dean Goplerud - Wednesday's are made brighter with Dr. G volunteering in our library helping share important information with our patients.

Doug Nunn - I don't have his number, sorry! He is the organizer of Creative Mornings & has built an amazing volunteer team!

Elizabeth Houston - She opens the opportunity to volunteering in the community on a monthly basis at RMHFH as a HandsOn Volunteer Leader.

Elizabeth Severson-Irby - Elizabeth has volunteered as a run club coach for several years and now leads a run club for youth and their parents in the Greenleigh Mobile Home Community.

Emily Thomason - Tirelessly leads and grows grassroots efforts to make Northside Richmond biking and walking friendly.

George Reynolds - George delivers books to local hospitals, fire departments, nursing homes. He assists at book sales and other events.

Gigi Redmond - Gigi powers good by opening her heart and her home to children receiving treatment for a critical medical condition.

Ginny Little - A patient advocate, dedicated volunteer and wonderful friend.

Hannah Updike - Hannah powers good in our community by giving a voice to survivors of violence and nurturing our urban gardens.

Isabel Seigler - Isabel is a bright presence that our students look forward to seeing each week. She build relationship sharing her love of rock climbing.

Jane Pearson - Bring a little bit of joy and whimsy into each patient's day.

Jessica Kiracofe - Providing wildlife and conservation education programs to youth and adults while caring for the wild animals the public rescues.

John Sebastian - John is the most loyal and hardworking of volunteers. I am grateful for the work he's done with UPS to make our big day of service, HandsOn Day, successful year after year after year.

Judy Clough - A board member and volunteer that is truly dedicated to helping our organization.

Judy Jamison - One of the kindest people I know. A peaceful presence on our palliative care unit and a patient advocate devoted to continual learning.

Karen Poole - Karen is volunteer coordinator for American Cancer Society. She coordinates the program's volunteers so efficiently and with such caring for patients.

Karen Solana - A caring volunteer that dedicates her time to several wonderful organizations!

Kari Labrecque - Kari works tirelessly to help survivors of trafficking, dropping off food, mailing birthday cards, answering phones, and making sure our office running smoothly.

Keisha Harris - A devoted advocate for patients across the state that is always the first person to offer to help.

Kristen Callan - She motivates kids, adolescents,and adults to get moving. She makes embracing an active lifestyle & achieving fitness goals fun & attainable.

Larkin Garbee - She is the creator of #RVABiscuitLove and runs Lighthouse Labs - one of the top 25 accelerators worldwide - as a volunteer! And she helps organize RVA Makerfest.

Lauren Nichols - Lauren picks peppers without complaint! And she's coming back for another season! What else could we ask for?

Lee Keyt - An always smiling, dedicated volunteer inspiring people to be active and making Richmond a better place to bike and walk.

Lee Williams - Her work allows our program to happen - she transforms lives and has a huge impact on our athletes

Lisa French - Brightens every person's day that she comes in contact with when she visits our patients!

Liz Lungut - As chair of the Marketing Committee for HandsOn Day 2015, she was instrumental in helping get the word out about our day, and spent hours of time and energy ensuring we met deadlines.

Luanda Fiscella - She opens the opportunity to volunteering in the community on a monthly basis at RMHFH as a HandsOn Volunteer Leader.

Mark Taylor - Mark is the boss-man, Mayor of Church Hill, and is always looking for an opportunity to bring joy to the world.

Martha Fearnow - Martha goes above and beyond to help organize Massey volunteers in providing a personal touch for our patients.

Martha Tyler - Martha Tyler works so hard for Chrysalis Institute, making sure that our beautiful mission contributes to the vibrant fabric of RVA.

Mary Gill - One of the strongest advocates for the Massey Cancer Center and a dedicated volunteer!

Mary Miller - Mary is a rare volunteer that will happily help wherever needed. Never looks for recognition and recruits other volunteers too!

Maya Simpkins - As a woman of color, Maya Simpkins stands in solidarity with vulnerable populations through daily acts of empowering community service.

Meg Trepp - There is no one who exemplifies the spirit of Special Olympics by displaying compassion, understanding and love more than Meg!

Melanie Seigler - Melanie uses her sweet and loving heart to build relationships with our students at our science-based field trips. She is consistent and encouraging to the students.

Michelle Payne - Michelle’s passion and belief in recovery and resiliency are modeled in her daily activities and inclusivity of the NAMI community.

Michelle Smith - Michelle powers good by offering her love, empathy, optimism, and infectious smile to children receiving treatment for critical medical conditions.

Michelle Tapscott - An outstanding, reliable and caring presence on our inpatient unit.

Miles Johnson - Miles has been providing caring support to cancer patients for 22 years!

Mindy Tanner - Mindy believes in the power of building stronger communities through creativity and spreading positive energy with her example.

Olivia Coada - Takes extensive time off work to facilitate our state games. Data-entry, event registration, coaching, area council, etc. Olivia does it ALL!

Olivia Garrett - Olivia is a leader. She says yes when her friends ask for help and can always be counted on.

Peg Holliday - 80 years young and still volunteering 3 days a week after retiring from 65 years at the American Red Cross.

Rae'nese Thompson - She powers good in our community because she puts others before her. She has found a remarkable way to give back.

Roberta Zelenko - Shares a smile and healthy food and tips with our patients!

Robin Seagraves - She is flexible, easygoing, and says yes when needed.

Sarah Lindamood - Sarah is one of the brightest lights. She's enthusiastic, dedicated, mature, engaged, and has a huge heart. We need more of her.

Shelly Arthur - 20 words isn't enough. Shelly is always ready and willing to volunteer and advocate for every patient.

Susan Higgins - Susan Higgins helps educate people about plants. Susan is a great writer and is very passionate, which makes her a wonderful ambassador for our garden. She's written on our Garden Blog about everything from "mulch volcanoes," to the best plants to select for your home garden, to following the fresh produce we grow for FeedMore Inc. to their kitchen, including recipes! You can see all her posts here: http://bit.ly/SusanHiggins

Suzanne Mehfoud - With Suzanne's admin support we can be sure that patients get the right medication at the right time. Life saving!!

Weezie Thompson - A truly caring and supportive person who brings joy to both staff and patients.