Top 4 Tips to Ensure Success on #GivingTuesday

Top 4 Tips to Ensure Success on Giving Tuesday

These past few days have been filled with thankfulness, family, wine, and shopping…in crowds…at small businesses…online.  The juxtaposition of emotions and priorities can be quite a whirlwind, so in 2012 Giving Tuesday was created as a philanthropic follow-up to this 5 day extravaganza that kicks off the year-end season of charity. Those organizations that are participating in #givingtuesday should already have a general marketing plan, an updated website, and an awesome, branded giving page.  Here are a few last minute tips to help your #givingtuesday campaign be less stressful, more successful, and an effective long-term investment.     

STORY TELLING - Hint, use names and people!

Donors are generally emotional givers.  Tell them you need $50 for a couple rakes and unless they have an affinity for rakes, you probably didn’t make an emotional connection.  Tell them about this kid named John that stopped by the garden on his walk home, wanted to know what you were doing, eventually started helping a little, grew and ate a fresh tomato for the first time and how $50 could grow enough tomatoes to feed John’s family for a year…now we are building a connection.


Most non-profits are operating with minimal staffing on a regular day, throw in a fundraiser and it can totally overwhelm even the most efficient office.  The good news is you have people that are so excited about your organization they want to tell everyone they meet how wonderful you are.  Let them.  Make them your Giving Tuesday Social Media Ambassadors (read more about ambassadors and how to use them here)!  You want to make sure your organization is telling a consistent story – so, you do the initial work, and let them spread it to their friends, and their friends’ friends…the more people that tweet, Instagram, and post on Facebook- the bigger your reach is.  Oh, and don’t forget the ask!

Authentic and Awesome THANK YOUs

Quick Personal Thank You’s – this is where relationships are made.  Remember what it felt like to give a gift to someone that never showed appreciation?  Never allow your donors to feel like that.  Set a goal to get a hand written (whenever possible), hand signed, individualized note out the door within 48 hours. Avoid form “thank you” letters that change the name and amount.  Let your donors know how their money will be used, how many people it will impact, how much they and their support mean to you and your organization.  Remember, most donors don’t have expendable incomes, it’s important they believe their money is going to the right place.  Make them feel appreciated by and confident in your organization and they will continue to support you.  


Now that you have built a relationship, you need to nurture it.  So, after Giving Tuesday is over take a breath, look back at what went well, make notes of what needs tweaking, and then invest in your own organization by celebrating Donor Management Wednesday!  Ensure all donor contact information has been entered in your database so you can reach out again in a month or two with an e-newsletter telling your new and existing donors what your organization is accomplishing as a result of Giving Tuesday generosity.   

Remember, when done well, all of these steps are pieces of a well-oiled machine. Everything is interconnected and the golden ticket is when a new relationship is forged.  Good luck tomorrow on #givingtuesday

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