Client Spotlight: Give Richmond Takes Off

One of the most rewarding moments as a consultant is to see clients put recommendations into action.  You have noticed the good work of GiveRichmond , organizer of The Amazing Raise, over the last few months as they delve into their new brand as the region’s authority on online giving.  From their support and promotion of Giving Tuesday to their “15 Ways to Give Back” and introduction of their new blog, I am so excited to see them spread their wings and grow.  Today they unveiled their community newsletter, The GiveRichmond Gazette – send them a note to be added to the mailing list of this awesome resource.  It was The Spark Mill’s pleasure to help them redefine their social media efforts and their brand promise; but where they are taking it now is all them! Way to go!

Our Work

Over the course of three months we spent time to gather information by:

  • Conducting a staff focus group

  • Sending a survey to all local users of the platform
  • Researching other similar programs around the country
  • Auditing current social media and brand efforts

Our final report included: 

  • Website redesign suggestions
  • New content marketing model
  • Recommendations for transitioning to new brand strategy
  • Audience definition and strategies
  • 12 Month Calendar of content prompts

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