New Facebook, Again

This week facebook announced some changes to brand pages. John Haydon has a great article and rundown with the following visual detailing all of the changes. 

John Haydon details the changes on his blog

John Haydon details the changes on his blog

There are three big changes I think impact nonprofits and small businesses 

1. Your beautifully designed tabs are now gone. Helo has an article explaining why this isn't a huge deal, except any time you spent custom designing them.  They will now live under the More button. 

2. More benchmarking in the pages to watch section - you can now see what kind of content is resonating and driving engagement for your closest competitors.  This should help you create content that gets shared. 

3. Pictures are even more important. Just make it a rule to upload beautiful pictures for links, status updates and photos. Because of the roll-out last week with subtle design changes on the newsfeed, pictures are bigger, bolder, and are granted better real estate. 

If you didn't know, John does an amazing job of detailing changes in videos.  You can visit this link to sign up for a video on these changes as soon as he completes it. Click here to get access when they’re completed.